Air Pellet Stoves

Air Pellet Stoves or Pellet Room Heaters are the way forward in terms of efficiency and cost saving.
Air Pellet Stoves are suitable for domestic, rural and commercial properties and provide a number of benefits that set them apart from wood burners.
 They can offer existing and new developments the same comforts as the traditional wood stove, while providing
 a more sustainable, convenient and cost effective form of room heating.

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Benefits include:
  • Air Pellet stoves have an average efficiency of 91%
  • The stoves have automated lighting ability, so no matches needed!
  • Fuel pellets are inexpensive to buy, and easy to store compared to logs
  • Air Pellet stoves have thermostats so you can set you room to a desired temperature
  • Air Pellet stoves can be controlled from your Smart phone or Tablet
  • Air Pellet stoves have similar install costs as a Wood Burning stove
  • Air Pellet stoves are cheaper to fuel than Wood Burning stoves
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